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Enhanced prospect education increases performance and retention for tutoring company

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“Business JetPack helped me understand my audience and create marketing strategies that generated qualified leads and increased sales.”

Raj Valli
Founder of Thinkster

Thinkster offers virtual AI-driven and human-led math tutoring for children and was referred to Business JetPack by a consulting firm to help them improve conversions and manage their paid media.

Business JetPack conducted interviews with the leadership team, sales team, tutors, and parents buying the service (long-term, new, and those who left the platform) to better understand the positioning and framing of how buyers converted, why they converted, what persuades them to stay, and why they leave.

Realizing that a driving force for prospects was that their children succeed, Business JetPack created a series of landing pages and videos to help prospects better understand the unique attributes of Thinkster and how their children would thrive by being a part of the platform.

Business JetPack optimized Facebook, Instagram, and Google campaigns, achieving significant performance improvements in marketing efficiency and, most importantly, increasing the retention rate of new students.

Thinkster also collaborated with Business JetPack to help launch a VIP Diamond program concept, during which we established a baseline for cost of acquisition and a series of marketing campaigns based on selling to more affluent audiences.


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