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New visitor experience increases conversions for the world leader in custom homes

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“We are very impressed, the design is clean, modern, and makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. Most importantly, we saw a 4-x increase in conversions!!”

Christina Lindal
CEO of Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes is a world leader in quality custom homes and receives tremendous traffic to their website.

Lindal wanted to improve conversion rates, provide a facelift for the brand, and create a seamless visitor experience showcasing the magic that can be accomplished with Lindal. Their current development had worked with Business JetPack in the past and reached out to set up an introduction.

Business JetPack partnered with Lindal, and we began our discovery. Over the next few weeks, we set up session recordings, restructured analytics, and conducted interviews with the Lindal leadership team, marketing, sales managers, engineers, and a few of their most recent customers. We then delivered our findings in a well-organized document for future reference.

The goal was to understand better how to prioritize the information on the homepage and meet prospects where they were in their process, their awareness level, and hold their hand through the following steps so they convert effortlessly.

Business JetPack parsed the findings and created three homepage variations that embodied the desires of the different audiences that visited Lindal and spoke to their top desires. Throughout, Business JetPack filled the role of trusted advisor and was available for consulting on not only the main initiatives but also other business needs as they arose.

The results speak for themselves: triple-digit percentage improvement in conversions, a look and feel that the brand is proud of, and a seamless experience for visitors.


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