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New landing page highlights USP, increases lead quality for successful SaaS company

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“I received more value on my first call with Business JetPack than I did the entire time working with my previous agency. From strategy to delivery, their team is top notch.”

Erik Fogg

Like most SaaS companies, ProdPerfect needed to generate more demand, and after trying a plethora of failed solutions, they were unsure of the next steps. ProdPerfect asked their existing partners
for referrals for a team that could help them increase conversions
on their landing page.

Business JetPack worked with the founding partners to help map
out the buyer journey and conducted interviews with the sales, engineering, support, and integration teams, as well as past and current customers and leads that were close to converting but
did not.

Armed with the information from the discovery phase, Business JetPack built a landing page that met prospects where they were in their understanding of the problem, highlighted the path to finding a solution, and helped them understand exactly how a groundbreaking solution like ProdPerfect works.

Finally, Business JetPack created paid traffic campaigns that were split based on problem awareness and titles of prospects while working closely with the business development team to better understand the quality of calls that resulted from conversions on the new page.


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