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“I'm in a highly regulated industry and standing out is difficult, Business JetPack advised me and build a website that gets me consistent compliments from my peers and our organic visitors convert twice as much.”

Georgie Krasnopolskiy
Orca FG

Orca Financial Group advises high net-worth individuals with strategic decisions to help accelerate their financial independence. Orca operates in a highly regulated space, and everything related to their marketing must be approved prior to going live. Fortunately, Business JetPack has significant experience working with compliance-heavy markets and was able to support Orca in their launch.

Business JetPack conducted a competitor analysis of the top websites identified by marketing spend and top-ranking keyphrases that are of value for Orca. The analysis was presented along with design and copy recommendations and supporting arguments for implementation or avoidance of specific actions.

Orca was relieved at how smooth the process went and how effortless it was from their end, especially since there were only two minor revisions requested by the compliance department.

Business JetPack assisted in search engine optimization, back-end technology, and launching the website, which is producing qualified leads each week for Orca Financial Group.


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