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Conversions double and lifetime value soars with new direct to consumer strategy

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"Business JetPack transformed our marketing and our paid campaigns had
a 7x performance improvement. Their expertise led us to invest in a website redesign, resulting in a nearly tripled conversion rate."

Ann McCulloch

QuickSplint™ was referred to Business JetPack by their marketing manager to bring a higher level strategy to optimizing conversions and overall marketing performance. Their brand became the leader in the professional dental space and was recognized by the majority of their market as the only option for helping with unique dental cases across many specialties. However, they kept hitting roadblocks when attempting to market to direct consumers who were not aware of the solutions available to one of the most common jaw problems experienced by 1 in 3 Americans – TMJ.

Business JetPack started by conducting interviews with the brand’s leadership, their professional clients, as well as patients who have used the product with exceptional results – this helped bring together a clear and concise messaging, copy, and marketing strategy.

In order to test different levels of intent, Business JetPack launched a series of campaigns on Google and Facebook/Instagram with various problem statements to see which received the highest level of interaction, engagement, and conversion. During the preliminary tests, QuickSplint™ received its first direct-to-consumer sale.

Over the next 12 months, Business JetPack would help scale the ads through a series of landing pages, creative educational campaigns, and highly strategic sequences to sell tens of thousands of units in a space where consumers were not aware of the product category.

The following year, Business JetPack built a new website for QuickSplint™, migrating them from Shopify to WordPress to allow for a deeper level of customization and user experience. With this move, their conversion rate more than doubled, and lifetime value soared exponentially.


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