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Shifting focus to new audience increases sales for leading supplement company

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“In a world full of gurus and false promises I trust the Business JetPack team to do what they agree to without babysitting. We saw almost a 10 time improvement in conversions. It's refreshing to work with true professionals.”

Marina Taiberg

The team behind MoxyVites created a mix of supplements that became more successful than they ever imagined, which created a significant challenge – almost all of their sales came from Amazon. This limited their access to customers and prevented them from utilizing strategies to increase lifetime value, average order value, and acquisition cost.

Business JetPack was referred to the MoxyVites team by a friend who worked with us and understood our ability to advise and help them overcome their hurdles.

During our discovery process, we learned that MoxyVites had attempted to work with three other vendors and could not get a single sale using Google or Facebook.

Because the learning curve for converting a first-time supplement buyer is significantly greater than someone who is already a buyer, Business JetPack deconstructed the psychology of a supplement buyer. This helped MoxyVites understand that the focus needed to shift to convincing buyers to try a different brand vs. picking MoxyVites as a first-time supplement buyer.

With this strategy, Business JetPack implemented a campaign and landing page that converted buyers on the second day of running ads.


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