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“Business JetPack helped me validate a new business idea, scale it, build an incredible website, and open up additional channels. Our paid traffic converted 14X better. Highly recommend them.”

Hal Greene

The founding team at Sheetminder decided to launch a new product for sale directly to consumers, Business JetPack was referred by their advisor. The product was a revolution for those who use sheet music and utilized a unique method of retaining the sheet music while allowing it to be removed without damaging it.

Business JetPack launched a series of campaigns testing different messages, offers, and audiences to evaluate which would be the best to start with. After gathering the analytics and deciding on the winner based on cost of acquisition, projected lifetime value, and reach potential, Business JetPack began scaling the winning campaign.

Within 6 months, Business JetPack sold out of all of the available inventory, approximately six times quicker than expected. Sheetminder was very happy with the progress and velocity. They placed a significantly larger order with a much longer lead time, and Business JetPack was asked to build out an entire website rather than continuing to manage a series of landing pages.

The resulting website had significantly higher conversion rates, offered membership perks, and helped position the brand as a market leader, allowing Sheetminder to solidify a nationwide relationship with a prominent music retailer.


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