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Complete site overhaul for a groundbreaking service paves the way to an acquisition

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"Business JetPack's audience psychology expertise is unmatched. Tired of unqualified leads wasting time? Their new funnel transformed everything, skyrocketing our conversion rate."

Ryan Reisert
Founder of Phone Ready Leads

Phone Ready Leads offers a groundbreaking service to companies that leverage telemarketing by helping them identify phone-picker-uppers, which increases the efficiency of outbound agents by 400-600%. The founder, whose experience was rooted in marketing, was frustrated by the lack of volume and the poor quality of leads and knew that something needed to be done differently.

Business JetPack conducted the buyer persona analysis and interviewed current, past, and soon-to-be customers to better understand what was missing. A comprehensive strategy was presented to Phone Ready Leads, including a plan of action to better position the brand, how to structure their offer, and, most importantly, tie all of that together into a presence that demanded attention from their target market.

Business JetPack implemented a complete site overhaul, CRM build-out, and email sequences for new leads and leads who did not complete their application process and launched the site. Within the first two weeks, the lead quality sky-rocketed and helped Phone Ready Leads deploy resources to pursue growth unlike ever before.

Within a few months, the entire framework was overhauled to further increase performance and, most importantly, quality. Within a short time, the partnerships secured by Phone Ready Leads and their diligent business efforts paved their path to an acquisition.


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