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"Thanks to Business JetPack, our leads improved and our marketing knowledge skyrocketed. Every call leaves us with actionable notes."

Pam Hurley
Hurley Write

Hurley Write is the best solution for enterprise companies that are seeking to improve the downstream impact of having highly educated people improve their skills of writing. One of their vendors connected them to Business JetPack and explained that their current marketing efforts were generating sub-par results.

Hurley Write’s desires were to receive one solid lead per week as a start, a bar that Business JetPack believed was set far too low.

Business JetPack conducted interviews with current, former, and lost opportunities as well as Hurley Write’s leadership team to better understand the psychology and awareness of a business that was getting ready to invest in an enrichment program like Hurley Write offers.

After evaluating the gathered information, Business JetPack ran an analysis on the prior customers that Hurley Write has served over the last 35+ years to identify patterns in roles and responsibilities and markets where marketing campaigns can create a highly targeted approach for best outcomes.

Within 6 months, Business JetPack was able to achieve 12-14 highly qualified leads weekly for Hurley Write. Managing the landing page optimization, paid marketing campaigns, advising, and consulting on the lead qualification and sales process allowed Hurley Write to reach new heights of business success.


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