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Highly successful campaign and landing page series boosts growth for SaaS platform

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"Business JetPack's expertise on everything related to scaling is unmatched. I've known about them for the last 10 years or so and finally got a chance to work on a project - it's everything I thought it would be... and more.”

Edward Richter
Feedback Clarity

Feedback Clarity leverages over a decade of experience working with the most popular review sites to help businesses of all sizes manage their reputation. Their understanding of systems and processes that review sites use helps them significantly improve local business performance quickly.

Feedback Clarity’s founder reached out to Business JetPack to help them create a go-to market strategy for their SaaS platform, which would be launching a few months down the road. Previously, they fulfilled all of the work manually and were excited about the potential of scaling up to assist more businesses.

Business JetPack conducted an analysis of their customer persona and interviewed past, current, and soon-to-be customers to better understand the psychology of their buyer journey with Feedback Clarity. The findings helped create a highly successful campaign and landing page series, allowing fast growth of new users for Feedback Clarity’s platform.

Business JetPack advised on marketing, paid traffic, and technology that allowed Feedback Clarity to use their existing resources to exceed their scale goals.


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