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Groundbreaking strategy leads supplement company to becoming top provider

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“Business JetPack helped us launch a sales funnel on Facebook that decreased our cost of acquisition by 300%.”

Dr. John Coppola

Nuphoria™ reached out to Business JetPack through an existing client introduction, expressing their desire to grow their supplement line. The founders of Nuphoria™ had tried everything under the sun to increase the sales volume of their supplements and kept hitting roadblocks with their marketing efforts.

Business JetPack sought out, interviewed, and partnered with a former FDA Compliance Officer to ensure that all marketing would be above board and prevent any headaches for everyone involved.

Over a period of 12 months, Business JetPack helped scale new client acquisitions and existing client lifetime value, allowing Nuphoria™ to secure stronger partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, propelling them to become the number one supplement provider in their category.

Business JetPack created and deployed a strategy that has been borrowed by many others in the supplement space and beyond. By leading with education instead of asking for a sale, Nuphoria™ was able to significantly decrease their cost of new client acquisition and increase their monthly investment into advertising exponentially with confidence.

Business JetPack oversaw all of the technology marketing efforts and assisted with business growth strategy.


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